Electa Group

Founded by Simone Strocchi merging a team of former professionals of corporate and investment bankers with relevant experience in financial market and corporate companies both national and international.

Electa evolution

Since 2022, Electa has been supporting the main Private Equity operators in Europe mainly through deal structuring, offering tailored solutions of financial engineering and transaction execution for LBO, M&A and business combination.
Electa is committed to innovative investment activities and has been the Italian pioneer for SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Company with Made in Italy 1 and with additional advanced formulas of pre-booking a brand IPO Challenger® until the creation of the model SPAC in CLOUD.
Periodically, since its foundation, Electa has successfully launched new proprietary transactions, benefitting of the acquired skills and focusing on deals with high potential; this led Electa to stand out among the most important players for innovation capacity and specific track record:


Lauch of Deal Structuring activity


Private Equity tail-ends


Launch of the SPAC Italian industry and its evolution in Pre-booking company.


Launch of IPO CLUB, the first Italian law fund accelerator of IPO, focused on the excellent medium enterprise. Realized in partnership with Azimut, its mission is to invest mainly as cornerstone investor of SPAC and pre-booking promoted by Electa.


Development of an ecosystem of loyal investors thanks to the strengthening of strategic partnerships.


Launch of Yhox “a unique fund that allows to enter an innovative ecosystem of investment opportunities, leveraging the expertise of Electa and its long-standing clients and private equity partners".
From 2012 to 2022 Electa has been promoting investments for more than €150 millions only in SPAC and Pre-booking Company that nowadays correspond to €1,9 billion in equity issued by listed companies and which together correspond to €4,9 billion of market capital.